Republic Bharat hikes ad rates on the back of high ratings

04 Sep,2020

By A Correspondent


Remember Uber, the cab aggregator service we would also use once to commute? Some of us still do of course.But this isn’t about Uber. It’s about Uber introduce surge pricing when the demand was high and the supply was less.

Over the last few weeks, Republic Bharat has been flying high on the ratings roster. Critics may say that that it’s on the back of the Sushant Singh Rajput coverage of the channel. Perhaps it is, but it’s #1 is on for the third consecutive week and even though BARC guidelines recommend usuage of ratings data for a four-week average, it’s not inappropriate to record R.Bharat’s rise.

Yes, there is a distinct possibly that category leader Aaj Tak may get back to its #1 status as it has in the past, but from what we hear, the R Bharat newsroom is fighting hard to ensure this is not considered an aberration.

The channel claims 19.53% marketshare on the basis of the 14 top Hindi news channels from the 27 watermarked channels that BARC measures. The average time spent per viewer, notes a communique, has grown by 100% since its launch at a staggering 27 mins whereas the total time spent of the Hindi News genre is 17 mins. R Bharat continues to maintain #2 position in terms of reach. The channel also claims the “owning primetime” slot.

With R Bharat exerting its influence on the ratings roster, the channel has announced an increase the price by more than 50% of the existing rates. “With the upcoming festive season, R Bharat has announced special offers, promising advertisers across genres a seamless execution experience with the best platform in the Hindi News Market,” adds the communique.

Said Vikas Khanchandani, Group CEO of Republic Media Network: “Republic Bharat as a brand has taken up people’s causes and has stayed true to its core by focusing on 100% News. R. Bharat has connected with the Hindi-speaking masses by staying relevant, fearless and honest. That love and affinity for the brand has translated into strong viewership and ratings. Republic Bharat as platform delivers both performance and impact which is makes it the most engaging and effective news platform across Bharat”

Added Hersh Bhandari, COO of Republic Bharat: “The belief that news is back has been our biggest win. We have demonstrated with our performance, that we have been consistently delivering for our partners. Clients today are ready to  reward  performance, if they are convinced about their investment and smart enough to understand their returns. With over 200 weekly active brands showing their faith in the brand , we are in position to ask the deserving price/rate in the market and we are confident that the market will respond positively.”



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