MxMIndia is 9. Delighted

09 Sep,2020


It’s our ninth anniversary. MxMIndia was born on Onam 2011, September 9, to be precise. Committed to prove to the world that it’s possible to conduct oneself in B2B journalism without compromising on integrity. Sans any quid pro quo.


If you see the dark clouds behind our anniversary emblem, it’s because these have been tough times. Very, very tough. The pandemic-led lockdown could’ve virtually killed us. Our revenues were down to 25% of what we were pre-Covid. And as you would know, the economy was in a shambles even before Covid. In fact the lockdown has been a facesaver.


We didn’t retrench anyone. Yes, we did request for some pay cuts, but no job cuts. No furloughs. We used up our reserves in the lockdown period to pay salaries, and rent. We partnered our industry partners through this. We owe it to them. We gave up our office space last month, but only after we figured that there’s no stopping the pandemic scare.


We also started doing video interviews. We didn’t do a webinar a day, but we chose to plough back our energies on content. We introduced new columns. We are proud of the fact that along with core A&M issues, we also look at concerns like disability and media literacy.


But it’s not easy to survive in the mess that prevails (and proliferates). Several times, we have been told that without favourable content, we won’t get any revenues. A few months back, the marketing head of one of India’s largest news television networks told our sales team that the PR head has instructed not to advertise on MxM given that we’ve been critical of its content. Yes, we were actually told this.


It would’ve been easy for us to give in. We didn’t. We’d rather give up on advertising revenues than let our content be compromised. We are very keen on making monies but we are clearly not for sale. We are happy to embrace advertisers to sell our advertising inventory. Not our editorial…


MxM is decidedly not meant for the media professional looking for news on appointments and account announcements. We aren’t into pop analyses asking five people to comment on an issue. Instead we offer commentary from top professionals in the business. And some superior young and discerning folk too.


It’s our ninth anniversary. We wish to thank all the people who’ve been associated with us through this period. My sincere thanks to all our staff, columnists, writers, the industries we deal with, friends in the media, our technology partners and of course our advertisers, our benfactors. The families of all those working with us. And mine.


Our primary allegiance though was and will always be to our readers. They come first.


Here’s wishing all of us the very best, until our tenth.



Pradyuman Maheshwari

Founder, Editor-in-Chief and CEO



Mumbai, September 9, 2020

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