Discussing ‘Spring’ with Ambi Parameswaran & Sanjeev Kotnala

29 Sep,2020


By Pradyuman Maheshwari


We had already carried a review by Sanjeev Kotnala in his Wednesday column last week. But this was Ambi Parameswaran and it was his Book #10, so we couldn’t not get into a dialogue with him as we’ve done around the release of last two if not three books.


It’s always a pleasure chatting with Ambi, and since he had read the book and he’s an integral part of the MxM family, we also invited Kotnala.


It was an interesting discussion, albeit of just a little over 30 minutes which can’t do justice to a discussion with two ‘maharathis’ of marketing services and business strategy. Kotnala spoke about how it’s essential reading for students and young executives and Ambi discussed about his rejection experience.


Watch. Enjoy. Like… (and I must add: buy the book!)


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