Das ka Dum with Dr Bhaskar Das | Given the excitement around the conduct of IPL, KBC and Bigg Boss, would you say they are bellwethers of the good times?

21 Sep,2020

Bhaskar DasWelcome to an all-new week of Das ka Dum. It’s two days after IPL 2020 took off and there is much anticipation for the 2020 editions of Bigg Boss and KBC. So we asked Dr Bhaskar Das for his view. Read on…


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Q. That there is so much excitement about the conduct of IPL, Kuun Banega Crorepati and Bigg Boss speaks a lot about the presence of television in our lives. That these are bellwethers of the good times. What’s your view?


A. So long as escapism continues to be  the raison d’etre of media consumption, any tentpole entertainment properties are bound to work. Besides, we need to get used to a segment-agnostic media landscape where verticalised classification of media should be replaced by horizontal ones viz content producers, content aggregators, distributors, platforms and devices. As B2C is complemented with a dominantly D2C orientation, good times can come to all so long the changing dynamics of a market of one is understood.



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