Das ka Dum with Dr Bhaskar Das | A career in sales is all about juggad, far from academic research. Is there a method to this confluence?

30 Sep,2020

Bhaskar DasIs there a confluence of ad sales and academic research? Here’s Dr Bhaskar Das’s answer to the question in the September 30, 2002 edition of Das ka Dum. Read on…


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Q. A career in sales is all about juggad (and getting revenues come what may), far from academic research. Given your proficiency in both, is there a method to this confluence (note: I didn’t use the word madness)?


A. Opposites make a perfect combination. But even to perceive one as opposite to the other is a human frailty. The impact of cross-pollination in both the pursuits can’t be ruled out. In fact, I find that the interplay of the two engenders a lot of perspicacity.



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