Bisleri camels are back

02 Sep,2020

By A Correspondent


The Bisleri camels are back in a brand new avatar. It may be remembered that ‘Samajhdaar Jaante Hain’ campaign had launched in 2018.


The latest campaign features Baadal, the camel, promotes the message of safe home delivery of Bisleri. Designed exclusively for the digital medium, the videos talk of issues ranging from long queues outside shops to the concerns of impurities in drinking water in the monsoons.


Conceptualised by 82.5 Communications (Mumbai), an Ogilvy group company, the campaign delivers the simple message of home delivery in a humorous, clever and creative way. Three more films conveying this message will be released in the coming week.


Said Anuraag Khandelwal, ECD and Creative Head (Mumbai), 82.5 Communications: “The challenge of creating this campaign was that we could not shoot. And we did not want to sound opportunistic. The idea was to tell stories that inform and entertain in truly Bisleri style. And so, we came up with – Don’t worry, ab ghar aayegi Bisleri. This was yet another satisfying and fun campaign to create.”


Added Samrat Bedi, President (Mumbai), 82.5 Communication: “Consumers are increasingly evaluative of their consumption habits now more than ever. Besides, the promise of safety and purity have become front-of-pack conversations and non-negotiable too.


Said Anjana Ghosh, Director of Marketing and Business Development, Bisleri International: “During these past few months, consumers have faced real constraints in accessing basic essentials on account of lockdown – the supply chain was disrupted, essential shops remained shut, people were required to wait in long queues with the risk of overcrowding, they were unable to manage work from home schedules as they had to step out to get their basic needs in place. Water being an essential need, Bisleri understood the challenges consumers were facing at a very early stage of the lockdown period and was able to offer solutions quickly by facilitating direct and safe home deliveries.


One more quote. Said Sumanto Chattopadhyay, Chairman & Chief Creative Officer, 82.5 Communications, India: “When you have spokespersons that are this unique, they remain an effective mouthpiece whether in flesh and blood or as animated characters. May we present to you the Bisleri campaign sequel — with Baadal the animated camel!”



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