Titan Eyeplus & the right ‘Blue for Kids’

07 Aug,2020

By A Correspondent


Titan Eyeplus has unveiled a campaign that addresses the Blue Light and its impact on the children who are exposed to multiple screens and gadgets.


Said Shalini Gupta, Marketing Head Eyewear Division, Titan Company Ltd. “Children are already spending far more time than recommended with screens. It is increasingly becoming evident that gadgets have become an indispensable part of kid’s routine, from learning to entertainment, impacting the overall eye health. The impact of Blue Light emitted from the screens of various gadgets has been an increasing concern resulting in eye-strain, blurring of vision, dry eyes and headache. With this campaign we wanted to address this burning issue. The campaign takes a solution oriented approach to the problem with a vision to equip the parents with information and advice that is crucial for the new normal.”


Said a spokesperson from Wavemaker: Since the lockdown, school kids and the college going youth have been subjected to multiple hours of screen time, sometime even at a stretch. Parental woes have been a discussion point on social who’ve been watching their children spend a number of additional hours on their gadgets since this pandemic lockdown. We wanted to best use this unforeseen opportunity and help these kids and their parents (the decision makers) with the “Blue for Kids” campaign targeted the school going populous as well as the youth who are now receiving general education online for extended hours, in the effort to impart the knowledge that harmful blue light from gadget screens can cause strain and can be avoided with simple ready-to-use computer glasses (without power) or custom powered Blue Filter Lenses by Titan. Since we were talking to and about kids, this film hinged on the perspective of a child and his/her life in terms of gadget use and screen time. In making known the new gadget-inclined schedules of children, we passed on a message to their parents subtly.”



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