For Amazon Sellers India, ‘Itna aasan Hai’

12 Aug,2020

By A Correspondent


Amazon India has launches its seller-driven campaign ‘Itna Aasan hai’ . The intent of three-ad campaign conceptualised by Ogilvy is to communicate to existing and prospective sellers who are not on the platform, how easy and simple it is to sell on Amazon.  The films are directed by Sharat Kataria for Lucifer Circus.


Said Satish Upadhyay, Head – Marketing, Amazon India Marketplace: “The 600,000 sellers on are benefiting from online selling while bringing hundreds of millions of unique products for our customers.  With this campaign, we intend to communicate to millions of MSMEs about how Amazon makes it easy for small businesses to go digital and start or expand their business by reaching millions of Amazon customers through e-commerce.”


Added N Ramamoorthi, President, Ogilvy South: “For millions of small businesses, it is both easy to sell on Amazon as well as to grow with Amazon. While the nursery rhyme execution in this series of ads makes this point in a simple, memorable manner, it also underscores Amazon’s commitment to the progress of sellers and small businesses across India.”


Said V Kamala Gowri, VP, Ogilvy South: “A lot of small businesses in the country look for a partner to help grow their business. Amazon is that platform which will enable your business to grow and reach greater heights. This campaign shows how simple it is to register your business on Amazon and kick start your online journey. The creative device of a nursery rhyme helps bring out the message in the most simplistic manner. Lets get started now.”


One last quote, sorry. Added Mahesh Gharat, Chief Creative Officer, Ogilvy South: “The brief was simple. Change the perception of the sellers about selling on Amazon. They believe there are numerous barriers like paperwork to sell on Amazon. To communicate the ease of selling on Amazon, our campaign needed to be even simpler. When I say simple, the first thing that came to our mind was a nursery rhyme. Wake me up in the middle of the night and I can still narrate you a nursery rhyme. Taking this device and the iconic rhythm, we communicated how easy it is to sell on Amazon. Thus, driving home the thought about how simple it is to sell on Amazon.”


Ouch. One more. Said Mukesh Kumar, Group Creative Director Bangalore: “The perception amongst sellers is, selling on Amazon involved a lot of barriers like paperwork. The brief was simple. Turn the barrier perception into something simple. When the team sat together, we realised our communication should be as simple as the process of selling on Amazon and what better than a nursery rhyme. There is nothing stickier and simpler than a nursery rhyme. It is still fresh in our heads and probably will stay in our heads for life. From there on, our job was simpler. The takeout after watching this campaign should be the ease of selling on Amazon is as simple as mugging up a nursery rhyme.”

No more quotes. Now watch the ad.



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