Another Idea for stray dog welfare

11 Aug,2020

By A Correspondent


The Welfare of Stray Dogs (WSD) has produced a film by production house Another Idea with the credo: Don’t buy a dog. Adopt an Indie


Said Abodh Aras of WSD: “The Indie dog is a hardy, loving, good looking, low-maintenance animal that is unfortunately neglected and seen as a “stray”. I am glad “Another Idea” came forward to make a film that highlights the pressing need to adopt these wonderful animals.”


Added Gaurav Gandhi, CEO of Another Idea: “When we heard of this need, the team headed by Director of this film Hiten Bhatia and Producer Shuja Rahman were very excited. We are glad that we are playing a part in helping a good cause.”


The film will be actively promoted by influencers and animal lovers on social media starting today, August 11. A digital campaign where pet owners would be encouraged to post pictures of themselves and their Indie dogs would also be launched with the hashtag #Proud to be Indiean on August 14.

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