Wavemaker magnet pulls Chumbak

23 Jul,2020

By A Correspondent


Pardon the play on words in the headline, but with a name like Chumbak we were waiting for this opportunity. So Wavemaker India has announced it has bagge the media mandate for lifestyle brand, Chumbak. Wavemaker India will manage offline and online media for Chumbak.


Commenting on the appointment, Shazia Zafar, Head of Marketing, Chumbak Design Pvt. Ltd. said: “Ten years ago, Chumbak changed the retail landscape in India by introducing India inspired, well designed products that encouraged self-expression. Today, it moves from strength to strength to build a global design-led lifestyle brand that uplifts its creative, confident and encouraging community. The team at Wavemaker mirror our vision for the brand, making them the perfect partner for us. We are confident that Wavemaker, with their global experience and expertise, will contribute significantly to our journey and we’re excited to have them on board”.


Speaking on the win, Ajay Gupte, CEO – South Asia, Wavemaker said: “Chumbak is one of the most loved lifestyle brands in India and we are thrilled to partner with them. We believe there is a huge potential to unlock and we are excited to get this opportunity to combine our expertise on creativity, data and technology to drive the growth story for Chumbak.”


Added Kishan Kumar M S, Vice President, Wavemaker India: “Chumbak is a truly Indian disruptor brand redefining lifestyle retail known for great design sensibilities, omni-channel presence, galloping distribution, fun personality and great customer feedback. I always believe that working with such disruptor brands makes us push our own boundaries and thereby becoming better with collaboration. Chumbak personifies innovation & creativity and that is also the Wavemaker DNA. The team is extremely happy to partner with Chumbak in this exciting and critical phase of their journey. Our job is to positively provoke Chumbak to growth using our expertise in media, content & technology. The future looks exciting for both of us!”



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