Sanjeev Kotnala: Mask, Mask, Mask… the Covid-19

08 Jul,2020

By Sanjeev Kotnala


If it was not for WhatsApp, I would have missed this communication on promoting the use of the mask as an effective precautionary tool against Covid-19. Creative developed by McCann Delhi office for client Niti Aayog. Thank you, Ashish Chakraborty (McCann) for sharing it on the Anthem Group.


Another case of the client getting the creative they deserve. And I was surprised to see such cool work coming from a government client. Someone at Niti Aayog and the team at McCann is working in tandem. The client and the agency seem to be aligned towards the same cause. The digital campaign is from children point of view.


Children are propagating the use of the mask. In a threatening tone, they share the possibilities and message that the adults send when they don’t wear or not wear the mask properly. Threaten the elders for compliance. It is a reminder for the mask they must wear in the fight against the virus. 


High Likeability Quotient.

The beauty is in the situations used. The copy is brilliant. It is short, sweet and to the point and uses very regional context and references. Something that every stakeholder can relate to.



I like the creative for the sharp focus. It is Mask, Mask and Mask.


Wear it when you step out. Cover the nose. Don’t let it hang. Sanities and wash it.


There is some amount of warning and threat and advice. In fact, the digital post seems to cover all the four possibilities under SHAAM DAAM DAND BHED (Logic, Price/cost, penalty/punishment/barrier and Differentiation/doubt). And in that way raises the possible relatability and impact. The client and team must be congratulated for it and especially the copywriter.

The template is set, and visuals are totally relatable.


Moreover, it is absolutely actionable.


And it addresses the not-often addressed subset who can help to check the use of mask at the first point of contact.



Mask Nahi To Tokenge. Karona Ko Rokenge’ has the potential to become the slogan.


I hope the client goes beyond the digital post.


I hope that the actionable creative is pasted at the society doors, rikshaw’s etc.

I hope people share these posts to reach rest of their friends and families.

I hope people use them as an advice card or a message in social media.


Above all, I hope people take the prints and place them at the strategic points.


If possible and the best possible use of these will be if children groups and gangs adapt them. 



Use of kids as influencer, marshals and stakeholders is not new.

And it is at times not what you do, but how you do it that matters.


Remembers the Swachch Bharat communication and a case of village where kids with whistle warned people against open defecation or in a way defined what real progress was all about.



And here is something on Covid-19, that is perfectly right.


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