Punit Goenka defines 5Gs of Zee 4.0

27 Jul,2020

By A Correspondent


Punit Goenka

It’s been a horrible year-odd for Zee Enterprises. Possibly a year-and-a-half or more. But the Mumbai-based entertainment conglomerate has seen its ups and downs. Like the Hoola Loop roller-coaster ride of its amusment park Esselworld, it has sprung back. Again, and again, and again.


The results that were declared in the wee hours didn’t paint a great picture. But as one industry observer told MxMIndia, it was Operation Clean-up time at the Central Mumbai offices of the company.


Ahead of the declaration of results, Punit Goenka, the 40-something director of the entertainment biz, shared his shared his strategic vision for a new avatar of his company – labelling it Zee 4.0. Goenka laid out the future roadmap to propel the company as a premier media and entertainment powerhouse. Which it is, but it needs to get there. Soon.


In a country where leaders from the Prime Minister downwards are known to jargonise their plans, Goenka said Zee 4.0 will be implementing a 5G formula focusing on – Governance, Granularity, Growth, Goodwill and Gusto. In his letter, Goenka said that the 5G approach will define the future of the Company, as it gears up to take the next big leap.


“The start of this financial year has been a rather special one for me and the entire team at Zee. Since for us it is not just the beginning of another new year, but the beginning of an entirely new life for the Company. The beginning of a company which is transforming in line with its new realities. The beginning of a sharper, leaner, greener version of Zee. The beginning of Zee 4.0.”


In an interview with The Economic Times on Monday, Goenka was exceedingly candid about the present and the future. And how he is rebuilding the empire, virtually brick by brick.


Click here to access the Open Letter by Mr. Punit Goenka



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