Ormax Media launches continuous poll to track approval rating of PM & CMs

08 Jul,2020

By A Correspondent


Media consulting firm Ormax Media has announced the launch of The Ormax Prime Minister & Chief Minister Approval Rating. Based on continuous nationwide tracking across 22 states and one Union Territory, the polling tool covers 275+ cities and towns in India, with a monthly sample size of 12,000+. The Ormax Approval Rating, notes a communique, will be a through-the-year poll to track the public perception of the nation’s leadership and underscores that the tracking is being done independently by Ormax Media, with no affiliations to any media organisations or political parties.


Shailesh Kapoor

Speaking on the launch of the Ormax Approval Ratings, Shailesh Kapoor, CEO, Ormax Media, said: “Approval Ratings are a norm in many democracies in the West, including the US. Hence, it is surprising to note that there has been no continuous tracking on the public perception of the political leadership in India all these years. After piloting this project for many months since mid-2018, we are now ready to roll out these ratings in the public domain. In a country with many political opinions and biases, including in the media, credibility and political neutrality are the cornerstones on which this poll has been conceptualised. We will not be sharing any ratings by religion, caste or any other such variable that can take the discourse around these ratings away from actual governance.”


Approval Rating is a measure out of 100 (%) of the proportion of eligible voters who approve of the governance of the Prime Minister or the Chief Minister of their state.. As per the first Ormax PM Approval Rating report released, Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Approval Rating jumped from 59 in early February 2020 to 68 at the end of June 2020. The sharpest growth was seen in the week when the PM addresses the nation twice on either side of the Janta Curfew, announcing the three-week lockdown on March 24 in the second address. The Approval Rating saw a further jump in the second half of June in the aftermath of the escalation at the Galwan Valley. His popularity is the highest in Chhattisgarh, Jharkhand, Rajasthan, Himachal Pradesh, Bihar, Gujarat, Odisha and Goa, where he enjoys 71+ Approval Rating in June 2020.



As per the track, Odisha Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik is by far the most popular Chief Minister across the 22 states covered currently with an Approval Rating of 78 in June 2020. Assam’s Sarbananda Sonowal and Kerala’s Pinarayi Vijayan rank second and third respectively.



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