Max Bupa asks people to invest in health insurance

10 Jul,2020

By A Correspondent


Max Bupa has announced a 360-degree brand campaign to drive home the importance of having a health insurance cover. The campaign poses the question – Ab nahin khareedoge to kab?, implying that health insurance is an absolute necessity and priority for everyone, especially when Covid-19 cases are rapidly increasing in the country and medical costs are skyrocketing.


Said Anika Agarwal, Director – Marketing & Direct Digital Business, Max Bupa Health Insurance: “Covid-19 has made people realise the significance of a health plan, unlike earlier when health insurance was considered an optional expense especially by the younger age segment. People across life stages are now more willing to buy adequate health coverage for themselves and their loved ones. Max Bupa’s recently conducted Covid-19 survey also indicates that people have become more concerned about their health and have regularly enquired about coronavirus treatment in health insurance plans. Hence, our intent with the campaign is to create awareness and further establish this need, so that consumers do not procrastinate health insurance purchase and buy a suitable health insurance plan. We have featured Boman Irani, a trusted voice who is encouraging people to take the right decision, to drive a simple message – ‘This is the most appropriate time to buy health insurance!’. The pandemic has made people take their health seriously, but a message of urgency for health insurance is needed. We therefore felt the need for a campaign that would strike a chord with most Indian households to bring about a mind shift to invest in Health Insurance.”


The campaign has been jointly designed by Dentsu Impact and Isobar. Added Anupama Ramaswamy, National Creative Director at Dentsu Impact: “The fact remains that at a time like this, no matter how many rules you follow, you still need to be prepared for everything that’s not in your direct control. We wanted to highlight that stress is the prevailing emotion these days in most people, and one of the ways you could possibly lighten the load in your mind is by getting a health insurance. In the film, Boman Irani has effortlessly brought the message on the importance of a health cover in the light of Covid-19 pandemic.”


Said Gopa Kumar, Chief Operating Officer at Isobar said, “The current COVID-19 situation has been an eye-opener for all of us that there’s always a possibility for the unexpected to happen. However, what we can do on our part is to stay prepared for it. With Ab nahin khareedoge to kab?, we are putting the spotlight back on the inevitable importance of health insurance in everyday life. Just like masks, gloves, sanitizers, etc., have become health essentials, we want to make health insurance also a part of that checklist. We hope that the film makes the audience realize urgency of the situation and inspires them to insure their health.”



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