Here’s What TikTok Influencers Earned

09 Jul,2020

Followers in million; Income in Rs crore


By A Correspondent


So are TikTok influencers really as big as they are made out to be? Do they really earn in crores, or is it all of loose change? An Indian Insitute of Human Brands study released on Wednesday throws light on the phenomenon of the TikTok world.


And before we go further, here’s the big news: Riyaz Aly, something of 16 or 17 years in age, from Jaigon, a border town of Bhutan, has 42.3 million followers his estimated annual earnings from TikTok are in the region of Rs 5-6 crore. His run-rate during the pandemic was actually higher and he could’ve easily crossed Rs 8-9 crores in 2020, but for the ban, notes a communique.


#2 in the crorepati-roster is Faisal Shaikh whose earnings from Tiktok are estimated between Rs 4 to 4.5 crore. And Arishfa Khan comes third at Rs 4-4.5 crore.


The list goes on. The table above shows the Top 10 followers as per the Indian Institute of Human Brands (IIHB) study. The table below has numbers 11 to 20. The IIHB research team met a large number of those from the TikTok world, in the past week, to arrive at a gross number on the loss that TikTok’s exit has created. An educated estimate is a dent of about Rs 120 crore at most for the Top 100 influencers. Pessimistic estimates could even be Rs. 100 crore. But interestingly, the long tail of TikTok is really really long. Someone with a one million follower base could earn Rs 30-35,000 a month. At double that number, the earnings could be in the Rs. 50,000 range.


#11-#20: Followers & Earners

Sr No Name  TikTok Followers Tiktok Income
11 Beauty Khan 20.90 0.6 to 0.7
12 Robin Jindal (Oye Indori) 18.80 2 to 2.5
13 Mr & Mrs Choudhary 18.30 0.2 to 0.25
14 Lucky Dancer 17.80 1 to 1.5
15 Suraj Pal Singh 16.60 0.5 to 0.6
16 Vishal Pandey 16.00 0.60 to 0.75
17 Abraz I Khan 15.90 0.8 to 1
18 Aashika Bhatia 15.90 3 to 3.5
19 Hasnain Khan 15.60 0.8 to 1
20 Bhavin Bhanushali 14.60 2.5 to 3

Followers in million; Income in Rs crore


Commenting on the incomes generated by TikTok influencers, Dr Sandeep Goyal, Chief Mentor of IIHB said: “Prices on TikTok for paid content were not high too. A Picture Post for a Top 10 TikToker was in the Rs 1,20,000 to 1,50,000 range; A Carousel or GIF cost Rs 1,50,000 for a Top 10 influencer but dropped to Rs 5000 for a Top 100 ranker. A Story was priced between Rs 5,000 and Rs 50,000 depending on the pecking order; a Story Highlight was priced between Rs 10,000 and Rs 1,00,000 and a Link in Bio (24 hours) fetched between a meager Rs 5,000 to Rs 35,000. For followers running into millions, this is indeed poor compensation,” he said, adding: “The one thing I could never fully understand with respect to TikTok was why its millions of followers did not convert into larger earnings for its influencers. There were easily at least 50 influencers with over 10 million followers. That is no small number. But the bottom of the Top 20 list barely made Rs 5-6 lacs a month, in reality. There were taller claims and larger stats touted by agents and middle-men, but the actual numbers were actually much lower”.


So did TikTok suffer because of an age skew? Said Dr Goyal: “More than 60% of TikTok’s active daily user base was said to be between 16-24 years. Some even younger. While this is an age cohort that is theoretically very attractive to brands, in reality, this age-group does not really have as much discretionary spending power as compared to their peers in Western economies”.


This is the first of two Reports by IIHB on TikTok. The second report will cover brand attributes of the leading players in the TikTok universe in India.



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