Das ka Dum with Dr Bhaskar Das | Thousands of pink slips have been handed out by M&E employers, for no real fault of theirs. Any words of advice?

29 Jul,2020

Bhaskar DasSo we have asked pink slip-related questions in the past. But things have gotten worse, so we now have two questions. The first we publish today and the second tomorrow. Without any further ado, presenting the July 29 edition Das ka Dum with Dr Bhaskar Das. Read on…


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Q. There are thousands of people who have been handed out the pink slip by their employers in the M&E sector, and for no real fault of theirs. We had asked you for advice a few months back, but the environment has now changed and life has gotten worse. Any fresh word of advice to M&E folks?


A. The seismic effect of Covid-19 has not yet been fully measured, I feel. When business process continuity is a challenge across sectors, albeit at varying degrees of damage, I don’t see any dramatic turnaround in the near term. But my meta spiritual instinct says that everything in life is temporary and even this will pass, as they say. Now is the time to remain positive, upskill oneself and develop resilience to bounce back. The path would be strewn with thorns and one has to get used to be uncomfortable. But are we left with any choice? This crisis would make all of us stronger, if we want to be.


Tomorrow’s question: There are many people who believe that their bosses haven’t backed them up well enough while they were being sacked. That they’ve protected their own jobs and let their juniors suffer. Your comments?



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