Das ka Dum with Dr Bhaskar Das | First Bigg Boss, now Indian Matching. Does this craze for voyeuristic Reality TV speak anything at all about the Indian public?

31 Jul,2020

Bhaskar DasSo what’s your view on this question? Read the answer, watch the show (including the last season of Bigg Boss) and enjoy the weekend. So here’s the July 31 edition of Das ka Dum with Dr Bhaskar Das. Read on…


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Q. Almost every season of Bigg Boss is a huge hit. And now Indian Matchmaking is a rage. Does this craze for voyeuristic reality television speak anything at all about the Indian public? Or should we not read much into it?


A. I must admit that I didn’t go through the episodes completely as I didn’t find it in sync with my sensibilities. But when your question was posed, I absorbed  more episodes. I found it full of stereotypes. Most of the exhortations were aimed at women. Have I not enjoyed it because I am progressive? Or the institution of marriage is questioned? Or, as you insinuated about the show reflecting the deep-rooted Indian psyche? Am I embarrassed how the external world would look at us with derision? Is the show so authentic of the reality that it reflects like a mirror of Indian society.


I don’t know if the show would work for the content creators. But the jury will be out about the rationality of such a show in today’s world, even if purveyors of such content go smiling to the bank.

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