Prime Focus connects with Whip Media

05 Jun,2020

By A Correspondent


Prime Focus Technologies (PFT), the technology arm of Prime Focus and Whip Media Group have announced a strategic supply chain partnership programme. The partnership, notes a communique,  will provide media companies better transparency into their content workflows to maximise revenues, reduce costs, increase efficiencies, and get complete visibility and control over where and how television and movie titles are being distributed, both on a global scale and in real-time.


Said Carl Segal, Senior Vice President, Digital Distribution, Prime Focus Technologies: “Monetization of content providers’ catalogs is essential in today’s fast paced and competitive OTT and VOD landscape, making digital distribution and discovery of content to end users a critical component for M&E companies. It becomes imperative to not just monitor and measure effectiveness but analyse the results of that data in order to monetize content, Whip Media is a renowned name in the industry, working with the world’s leading entertainment companies and we are excited to partner with them.”


Added Alisa Joseph, Senior Vice President, Business Strategy & Development, Whip Media Group: “Automation of content avails management and distribution is crucial to achieve scale and enable faster time to market. PFT is well known for supply chain automation and has been selected as a Strategic Partner for their expertise in end-to-end digital distribution supply chain management,”. “We’re thrilled to partner with Prime Focus Technologies as our integration will help drive greater efficiencies to maximise the viewing and monetization of content.”



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