O4S launches digital trade promotion platform ‘Gynger’ for manufacturers

04 Jun,2020

By A Correspondent


O4S, a leading Enterprise SaaS start-up that enables supply chain visibility through a serialisation solution, is betting big on digitised trade promotions and management (TPM) solutions. The company has launched ‘Gynger’ to enable brands and manufacturers to not only adopt a data-driven approach for planning as well as executing  trade promotions, but improve effectiveness of their trade promotion spends.


Commenting on the launch of Gynger, Divay Kumar, CEO and MD, O4S, said: “With complex supply chains for distribution and their varying levels of maturity, companies across sectors including FMCG, Agriculture, and Pharmaceutical face the challenge of disconnectedness with the retailers and influencers. The wide spread retailers’ network which commands a significant share of product sales, needs stronger and direct engagement, powered by automation. The current approach to trade promotion planning and execution by companies is often based on “gut” & “experience” of the trade marketing team, and the tools to manage and measure promotions are understated. Hence, Gynger offers the right tools to companies for complete control over their TPM schemes to plan, execute, assess, and gather actionable insights on their effectiveness in real-time, enabling mid-way course correction and bringing value to enterprises. The uniqueness of our solution ensures that the entire process is data-driven, eliminates reliance on any middlemen, and adapt to the existing schemes format to reward the champions in order to achieve desired sales result.”



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