IAMAI to promote ‘new age’ Indian brands

24 Jun,2020

By A Correspondent


The Internet & Mobile Association of India is perhaps known more as a club of the big dads in the internet world and the legacy brands from media and marketing, even though what drives the internet-driven world is the lakhs of start-ups and professionals who fuel the economy.


Well, in a bid to promote new age Indian brands across segments such as food, consumer durables, electronics, fashion, FMCG, etc., IAMAI has now set up a founders’ community of direct to consumer Indian brands. The unifying features of these brands are that they are digital-first, innovative, competitive, and manufacture or produce in India.


At present there are at least 100-odd such brands in the market and more are emerging every day, notes a communiuqe adding that these brands are innovative since they cater to a younger and often first-time shopper catering to a niche demand.


With 35 such brands in tow, a committee chaired by Aman Gupta, Co-Founder and CMO of Boat audio and co-chaired by Manish Chowdhary, Co-Founder of Wow Skin Science has been set up.


Said Gupta: “To ensure a brand continues to do well, it is almost imperative for businesses to enhance their Direct to Customer (D2C) channel. The model enables a brand to listen to the unfiltered voice of their customer and is a natural progression from shifting the online shoppers to buy from the brand’s website and own the experience, data, and lifetime value of the customer. The committee will bring the ecosystem together, indulge in knowledge creation, and put forth the best practices in a mission to build internet-driven iconic brands.”


Chowdhary added in a communique that the committee will jointly look towards building the consumers’ trust by engaging in better customer communication and other similar initiatives by D2C entities.



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