BMW India says it #JustCantWait in new ad

26 Jun,2020

By A Correspondent


BMW has a message for India: #JustCantWait. The new campaign harps on the things we love doing and we can’t wait to get back to. It captures the sentiment of the public who are eagerly waiting to unlock all the joy that lies ahead, notes a communique.


Said Ritu Sharda, CCO, Ogilvy North: :This campaign speaks to people on a personal level. It captures the human feeling of restlessness that has resulted from being kept away from the things we love doing most. #JustCantWait is a beautiful way to express that craving and desire of wanting to get back to or begin doing those things.”


Added Pallavi Singh, Director Marketing, BMW India: “BMW has always championed driving pleasure. At the start of the campaign we looked at multiple data sources to get an insight into the sentiment of our users. Contrary to what many believe, most people have a very positive outlook towards the near future – in fact people are busy planning their next vacation -and experiences they have been longing for over the last few months. We decided that we just had to dial this positivity up. #JustCantWait captures the current sentiment where people are longing to get back to life and the joy of driving – but from the seat of a BMW.”



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