Outreach Nepal curates multi-country campaign on #BasicHumanity

19 May,2020

By A Correspondent


Ujaya Shakya and his team from Outreach Nepal initiated a simple exercise to take forward their meesage of empathy and share with the world simple things like sharing food recipes, a book one has read or even the best films one has watched.


The message has been replicated now in five countries – Brazil, China, India, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh –and across seven languages.


The first country to adapt the idea is Brazil led by Daniel da Hora, Chief Creative Officer, DH, LO Creative Boutique. He reached out to Shakya and said: “The pandemic made us reflect that we, as humanity, are deeply connected to each other. What affects one, affects us all. Besides, the lack of equal opportunities and access to the basics is also a global threat.” He further added, “Empathy is when you put yourself on the position of another person. In a times such as this we see so many privileged people sharing their quarantine routine, so full of everything and so easily because of having everything can be a trap in a world so full of inequality.”


Added Rashid Khan, Founder and CEO of Creato from Bangladesh: “#ORNKnowledge is a knowledge platform initiated by Outreach Nepal who lifted this campaign to raise empathy in current pandemic situation which is worth to support.”


From China Dr Owen Jia, President of the ECI Awards, voiced his support and said: “In fighting this Covid-19, the common viral enemy of mankind, this movement is very timely, reminding us that human beings must care for each other, help each other and be friendly with each other no matter whatever language, faith and race they belong to.” And from Sri Lanka, Rohith Hettiaratchi, Director Business Strategy and  Planning at Media Factory wrote: “This campaign opened up the insensitivity of such uploads encouraging people to be more humane. The problems are the same across the sub-continent in terms of food availability and scarcity, hence it is very relevant to our market in Sri Lanka.”


From India, Prof Ujjwal K Chowdhury, Pro Vice Chancellor of Adamas, Protik Basu, Managing Partner, Weaddo and FMCG consultant Jitendra Gupta spoke in glowing terms about the Outreach Nepal effort.


Said Shakya who is Managing Director, Outreach Nepal: “At Outreach we believe advertising now has a bigger role to play. And we thought that in these uncertain times, we need to be more empathetic, more humane towards the less privileged. Our small initiative is simple, just a reminder of the basic humanity which we all have inside us. This campaign is not meant for those who are actually suffering – they might have little access to social media in these tormenting times. On the contrary this is meant to sensitise us, the forgetful privileged. The team at Outreach is very happy that people across countries are reacting positively to the message. The new normal will makes it necessary that we have new insights and new visions. And now we know that there cannot be a bigger insight than ‘Empathy’.”



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