OTT is great, but no Goodbyes to Theatres. Not yet

26 May,2020


By A Correspondent


Ormax Media conducted a special study on theatre-going behaviour given the impact it has had by the Covid-19-led lockdown. The study measure audience sentiment about visiting theatres when they re-open, expectations and change in behaviour at the theatres, audience trust in various exhibitor brands in effectively implementing safety measures and the consumption of films on television and OTT platforms during the lockdown.


Here is the Executive Summary of the findings:

1.Audience have given whole-hearted endorsement to the theatrical experience, with 82% missing going to the theatres a lot during the lockdown

2. A dominant section of audience believe that they will go back to the theatres within 2-3 weeks of them re-opening. However, social distancing and sanitization precautions taken by theatres will play a crucial role in their decision to visit

3. Contrary to a perception being built in the trade and the media, high consumption of films on TV and OTT has not reduced the audience attraction for the theatrical experience

4. 69% audience said they will visit theatres not just for big-scale films but for medium and small films too

5. Economic considerations don’t emerge as a major factor in the decision to revisit theatres. Audience would rather have theatres keep the ticket price unchanged and spend money on implementing safety measures, than offer discounting to boost footfalls

6. F&B consumption at the theatres is likely to be impacted by about 60% during the period of Covid-19

7. The national chains score high on audience trust to effectively implement safety measures. However, chains with limited geographical presence, and single screens, are seen to lack this credibility

8. Communication of safety measures undertaken by theatres will be a crucial factor to persuade audience to visit theatres when they reopen



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