Magicbricks crowdsources content to launch latest brand film

15 May,2020

By A Correspondent


Magicbricks drove positive consumer sentiment amidst the national lockdown by encouraging its employees and partners to come together for a crowdsourced brand film ‘Ghar pe rehkar Ghar ko Dekha’.


Said Prasun Kumar, Marketing Head, Magicbricks: “The challenge for us while making this film were two-fold. First, how to create a powerful piece of content based on strong consumer insight which also had to be contextual to the times we are living in. And the second was to produce the film remotely from every contributors’ homes. Real estate has been one of the most impacted industries due to the outbreak of Covid-19 impacting the consumer sentiments deeply. And as the leading brand, it is our responsibility to reignite property investment considerations. ‘Ghar pe rehkar Ghar ko Dekha’ is an emotive and engaging storytelling sure to make consumers identify with it and connect at heart. It is almost the most unique effort by any brand under the circumstances.”


Added Ankur Suman, Partner, RK Swamy BBDO, said: “We saw lockdown as a phase where the relevance of Magicbricks was actually amplified! Everyone was talking of staying home and home became the centre of our universe, indeed. But staying at home can be a difficult experience if you are not comfortable in it. This powerful insight was the cornerstone and lyricist Pankaj Bora built a poetic narrative on it. As the lockdown put many restrictions on production, we chose to crowd-source the visuals and the rest.  We wanted this campaign to be realistic and truthful. After all, it is nothing but a reflection of the consumer truth.”



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