Das ka Dum with Dr Bhaskar Das: Isn’t stopping of epaper distribution by Whatsapp groups an irrational and regressive decision?

04 May,2020

Bhaskar DasWelcome back to an all-new week of Das ka Dum with Dr Bhaskar Das. Last week, the Indian Newspaper Society issued an advisory to member newspapers to check the unauthorised distribution of epapers. We thought it was incorrect and so asked BD a question on the issue. Without further ado, here’s the May 4 edition of Das Ka Dum.. Read on…


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Q. Why is that people who are otherwise so rational and progressive often take the most irrational and regressive decisions? Example the advisory by INS to ask member newspapers to declare epapers being distributed by various Whatsapp/Telegram groups as illegal. What’s your view?


A. I couldn’t relate the first part of your question with the second part. There seems to be an implicit bias in the question that the epaper-led directive is irrational and contra-progressive. The first part of the question is a deduction while the logic of the second part is a business decision of a company. One invests resources for creating everyday an analogue paper and due to Covid-19 when distribution became a challenge for reaching the consumer (affecting its monetisation capability), a free distribution of its digital version by a third party impairs the possibility of detecting where it is reaching and how that can enrich the database of the publisher’s brand. I can’t comment in a deterministic manner why the apex body advisory was issued, but I find it to be rational from a strategy point of view.



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