Asus celebrates Mother’s Day with #LikeMotherLikeAsus Campaign

12 May,2020

By A Correspondent



Shuffling between different hats and doing it like a pro – we totally get that. So, we’re celebrating moms, who can…

ASUS यांनी वर पोस्ट केले रविवार, १० मे, २०२०


Asus India celebrated “Mother’s Day” with its #LikeMotherLikeAsus campaign to promote meaningful gestures by motjers. The digital campaign was designed by Dentsu WebChutney in collaboration with Asus India.


Commenting on the campaign, Paramjeet Singh Mehta, Head of Marketing, SYS Business Group, Asus India said: “Being a mother has its moments. Some are heartwarming, others messy, some thrilling, and other’s just overwhelming. Being a mother is full of these ups and downs, a seamless blend of the perfect and not so perfect moments. The #LikeMotherLikeAsus campaign is a perfect embodiment of this thought wherein we encourage our consumers to pause and take a moment to appreciate and be grateful towards this truly divine manifestation on earth.”


Added Harsh Shah, Senior Vice President, Dentsu Webchutney: “We at Dentsu Webchutney, personally have been big fans of Asus laptops. Be it Zenbook Pro Duo or VivoBook, they are our favorites, purely for their multitasking capability. Beauty, display muscle, state of the art technology only adds to it. This makes Asus Laptops so relevant to us as Indians. Multitasking is in our genes, be it roles that we play in our daily life or things we do at work and our homes. Genes that we strongly believe are maternal. There is no bigger multitasker than our Moms in humankind and this reality seamlessly brought us to the biggest multitasker known to the Laptop kind. This Mother’s Day, instead of going conventional with a wish we decided to let people know the biggest inspiration that there is for Asus Laptops – Mothers. And what better way to say it than going with something every Indian relates to ‘Maa pe gaya hai’. Hence, the thought of #LikeMotherLikeAsus.”



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