82.5 partners Aangan Trust to highlight domestic abuse

05 May,2020

By A Correspondent


During the nationwide lockdown, groups like women, children and the elderly have faced violence of unspeakable proportions where they should be the safest: in their own homes. In the first week of lockdown alone, one hotline received double their usual number of calls to report abuse. But because survivors are trapped indoors with their abusers, and making an emergency call may be impossible for many and it is more important than ever that we be vigilant as their friends and neighbours.


Notes a communique: “The mask is a regular feature of our lives today. The idea is to go behind the mask and identify and help the people who might be victims of abuse. Aangan Trust believes that community support is crucial in addition to the efforts of the government and police. At this time, it is more important than ever for all as community members to remember that folks we know may be facing violence at home. The campaign aims to shed light on our sisters, brothers and children who are feeling unsafe. “



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