22feet Tribal Worldwide launches new data tool, Covid in Context

07 May,2020

By A Correspondent


In an effort to raise awareness about the global impact of Covid-19, 22feet Tribal Worldwide, part of the DDB Mudra Group, has launched ‘Covid in Context’, a simple data tool that analyses the impact of the pandemic on a country in relation to its total population.


The company conducted a two-day product hack sprint to find unique, data-supported means to raise awareness about the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. The initiative brought together a diverse talent pool of developers, analysts, engineers, data scientists and human behaviour specialists within the organization to arrive at solutions using technology.


‘Covid in Context’ uses data science fundamentals of first order vs second order data, allowing users to go beyond the absolute numbers of cases by delving deeper and slicing the data in unique ways. The data is automatically updated in tandem with WHO updates.


Some key insights extracted from the tool:

In absolute numbers, the worst hit country is USA, but in context to their total population, Italy, Switzerland, Belgium, Spain are more infected than USA.

Absolute Numbers – USA (1,238,083) > Spain (250,561) > Italy (213,013) > Belgium (50,781) > Switzerland (30,009)

Infected BPS – Spain (54.39) > Belgium (44.37) > Switzerland (35.50) > Italy (35.62) >  USA (37.92)


Infected on Tested per cent helps us understand extent of spread. Higher the percentage, higher the community spread.


France is one of the most affected countries with 15.50 per cent, UK follows with 14.09 per cent, US at 16.02 per cent and India at 3.87 per cent.


Recovered per cent helps us understand which country’s people and healthcare systems are fighting the virus better


Australia, South Korea and New Zealand are at around 87 per cent, Switzerland and Germany around 84 per cent, USA at 16.21 per cent and Sweden at 17.55 per cent.


Preetham Venkky

Said Preetham Venkky, President – 22feet Tribal Worldwide: “The product hack sprints are a way for our people to fight this invisible enemy. The brief was to pick a fundamental issue and what came to the fore was that information related to number of cases is used by countries and its people to make sense of the situation. The challenge that the tool aims to solve is to show varied and deeper perspectives on widely reported statistics by slicing the data in different ways. The tool can be used by media, policy makers and local communities to get an accurate and relevant perspective of the issue. I am extremely proud of our team who has built this tool rapidly and tirelessly for everyone to use.”



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