‘The Making of Star India’ to be now adapted on screen

08 Apr,2020

By A Correspondent


The Story Ink along with Locomotive Global Inc have announced their acquisition of the exclusive screen adaptation rights for ‘The Making of Star India’ written by journalist and author Vanita Kohli-Khandekar.


Sidharth Jain, Founder & Producer, The Story Ink and Sunder Aaron, Co-founder and Principal, Locomotive Global Inc will produce a 10-episode, multi-season scripted drama series that utilises Kohli-Khandekar’s book for source material. The on-screen adaptation will carry the audience on a journey through the meteoric rise and revolution of the Indian television industry.


Said Kohli-Khandekar: “I am delighted that my book ‘The Making of Star India’ has inspired this series. The book is not just about Star, but also  about the growth of television in India over three decades. The stories behind the making of the world’s second largest TV market will make you laugh, cry and gasp at the audacity and sheer bull-headedness of the men and women who created it. This series aims to take that journey to another fictional dimension. I am so looking forward to working as a consulting writer with Sid and Sunder on this project.”


Sharing thoughts on the acquisition of the book and production of the series, Jain added: “Our aim is to create a global quality scripted series. A ground-breaking new show that will be akin to Mad Men meets Succession, and set in the roaring rah-rah early days of the Indian television industry of late 1990s and early 2000s.  Said Aaron: “We aim to pull the curtains back, and present the story of Indian television in an unconventional and ground-breaking way that people around the world will find compelling to watch. Today more than ever before, viewers of premium drama series want to lose themselves in an authentic world they find fascinating and yet never knew existed.”



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