Television, Smartphone consumption leapfrogs

03 Apr,2020


By A Correspondent


The disruption caused by Covid-19 continues to result in television viewership, smartphone usage and video-on-demand (OTT) consumption. Week 12 of the BARC ratings saw Total TV consumption skyrocket. This was determined in the insights provided by TV audience measurement body BARC and research major Nielsen on Thursday. The second edition of the ‘Crisis Consumption – An Insights Series into TV, Smartphone and Audiences’ was presented by the research bodies.


According to the report, there has been growth in TV and Smartphone consumption across geographies, socio-economic classes and age groups. Television viewing in Week 12 stood at a record 1.2 trillion minutes and the average daily viewers grew by 62 million ad 622 million viewers watched television daily for four hours, forty minutes.


The lockdown period registered many ‘firsts’ in television viewing history. News and Movies recorded an all-time high growth in viewership, in fact Hindi movies surpassed Hindi GECs The all-India consumption increase was 37 percent over the previous week. Viewership grew significantly post-lockdown on March 25, 26 and 27.


Being the first week of lockdown there was a sizeable growth in all demographics, thought particularly amongst males. Non-primetime viewership surged by more than 70 per cent, and growth in Hindi-speaking markets was higher than the south.


While movie channels along with News and Kids grew higher than GECs, the general entertainment channels grew in non-primetime by 32%. News saw a growth of more than 200 per cent. In fact the share of news to Total TV leapfrogged from 7% to 21% at an all-India level in both primetime and non-primetime.


As for advertising, the average FCT in Week 11-12 grew 15 per cent – by 6 lakh seconds. Week 11-12 saw a growth across genres except for sports and youth.


On the digital front, consumption of news continues to show a huge increase, and Chatting and Social networking show a significant increase in timespent. E=commerce though has suffer due to difficulties in logistics management in the lockdown


According to the report, The re-telecast of epicserial Ramayan garnered the highest ever rating for a Hindi GEC show since 2015.



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