TBWA launches microsite for marketers

17 Apr,2020

By A Correspondent


TBWA India has launched a microsite that brings together Covid-19 insights. It has a variety of insights and thought starters for marketers to explore how to formulate their brand strategy in these critical times.


The microsite compiles insights from different perspectives – how consumer behaviours are changing (culture), how marketing can navigate these uncertain times (possibilities), what interesting brand actions have been taken till date (actions) and what data tells us about what people are talking about online (social listening).


Said Govind Pandey, CEO, TBWA India: “In this crisis of uncertain proportions, we are here to help businesses see an opportunity in these disruptive times.”


To make the microsite comprehensive, it also has two more reports. First, an analysis on the various strategies already deployed by brands in India to react to emerging consumer behaviour. Second, an analysis of the conversations on COVID-19 across India to know what’s keeping locked-down India occupied.  Also, the microsite showcases some of the disruptive creative work released by TBWA clients, both locally in India and globally during this pandemic.


Said TBWA\India Chief Strategy Officer, Krishnan Subramanian: “It is safe to predict that these are not normal times. Coming out of this virus situation, we Indians would be fundamentally different. It is important to get on top of what new values would Indian consumers embrace to make sure that our brands remain relevant as and when the recovery happens. Our microsite intends to help you do exactly that – stay on top of shifting consumer values.”



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