Stay@Home with Julie Bramham: 5 Things to Ask Yourself

14 Apr,2020

As Chief Marketing Officer, Diageo India, Julie Bramham leads the Marketing function at the beverages major and is also a member of its Executive Committee. She oversees marketing and innovation for Diageo’s award-winning beverage alcohol portfolio.  Prior to joining Diageo in India, Bramham was part of Diageo Europe for nearly two decades.  On Day 21 of the 40-day National Lockdown, we get up, close and personal with Julie Bramham:


On Life After the Crisis and Personal Life Changes one will Make: The gravity of living amidst a global pandemic is heavy but at the same time it throws up unexpected opportunities. I’d like to believe that this global pandemic has left a us with a great opportunity to learn, change and evolve. I think we will see the world and our attitudes in ‘befores and afters’ with a greater sense of what’s important and what’s not, being much more choiceful about how and where we spend our time and resources, why and when we travel, more frugality especially around food


So how will your social life change?: We are in the middle of the pandemic and have no choice but to embrace what comes with it and prioritise our safety. What we can plan for is the aftermath of this pandemic, as we emerge from the tunnel of isolation, I plan to spend more time enjoying the value of ‘real’ connections, of taking it a bit slow and prioritizing seeing and spending time with friends and family.  It is easy in our busy lives to go too long without seeing and spending meaningful time with those important to us.


Do you really take care of yourself?: I think being forced into a different pace and completely different way of living will help us all to think differently, and find hacks to look after ourselves. Taking care of ourselves in body and mind is even more critical at the moment I am a big believer in wellness.  I am normally a keen runner, so looking forward to running longer distances again soon, in the meantime I’m doing some YouTube training, following ‘Joe Wicks’, also enjoying doing ‘PE with Joe’ on YouTube with my kids.  I highly recommend it for getting kids exercising whilst stuck at home.


Have you ticked off a book from your never-ending list of Books to Read?: I have a laundry list of books on my ‘To Read’ note to self, which I am happy to be ticking off 1 week at a time.  I’m about halfway through ‘What Happened?:  Hillary Clinton’ and once I have finished will be moving on to; ‘21 lessons for the 21st Century: Yuval Harari’ and then I am really looking forward to completing the ‘Seth Godin’ collection, I have read a few of his books and will now find the time to read the rest.

I’m also completing the ‘David Walliams’ collection with my youngest son, Ted and ‘Charlotte’s Web’ with my eldest son, Sam.


Acceptance?: This crisis has the power to fundamentally reframe how we live in and contribute to communities.  Let’s embrace that!


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