Sanjeev Kotnala: Coronavirus and the secret of collective Praying’

01 Apr,2020

By Sanjeev Kotnala


Prime Minister Narendra Modi tried to harness the power of collective praying. He asked citizens to align their thoughts into the application of appreciation of the ‘Daily Life Heroes’ at 1700 hours on March 22, 2020.


We know what happened. The instruction was incomplete. At the precise hour, at 1700 hours, people came out on street and started celebrating. It was not what Mr Modi wanted. But people were behaving as if Coronavirus was already defeated. There was no dictated dedicated focus.


It made me think and I revisited the ‘Laws of Attraction’. Many call ‘Laws of Attraction’, a pseudo-scientific theory. My small-scale experiences have been different. So, I wondered if Laws of attraction in someway could help us in the war against coronavirus.


22 March.

On March 22, we were not in sync with the thought. We failed to take the moment and convert it into a powerful synchronised moment of collective prayer with conviction and determination.


The Laws of attraction simply says: “like attracts like”. What we think is what happens. Whatever consumes our thoughts is what we will eventually get in our life. If we only think of all the things we don’t want in your life, we will only get the things we don’t want.


We can cause nature or that unseen power to roll the dice in our favour if we totally dedicate ourselves to the desired outcome. And, it only works, if we have the confidence that it will happen.


Now if I look back, the media news on Coronavirus is getting scarier by the day. We all have more negative emotions, feeling, fear and anxiety. The good parts are tucked somewhere. Moreover, good news is doubted and people refuse to believe it. We have active cases counts and the deaths. There is no focus on count of people who have recovered or people who have been saved.


If we link ‘The Secret’ it to the power of collective prayers… not on an individual or regional level but something on a global scale, will it work?


Prayer Is Our Way Of Communicating With Gods.

A prayer re-establishes our dedicated, selfless service relationship with the undefined external powers, and even nature itself. Collective prayers and joint celebration exponentially raise the power of our prayers.


Prayers and the Secret or the Laws of attraction have never been scientifically proved. However, there are enough people who do believe in it. Many have self- experienced the power of collective praying and dedicated attraction and devotion to things and events.


Sustained Collectivism.

Try this power of collective praying and laws of attraction. You are not going to lose anything. So every day at 5pm, we could take time out and tell ourselves with full conviction what we desire.


The prayer could be as simple as ‘Dear God. Thank you for all we have right now. There must be something right in your will to make us bear the pain and pressure of Coronavirus. We may have got the message you want to deliver. The earth belongs to all of us. Forgive us for our greed and unplanned unsustainable robbing of Mother Nature. And please remove this Corona Virus from this world. Please make this world the same happy, chaotic place, and we promise we will now be a better citizen of this globe’.


Secular Virus.

The virus is the most secular thing you can find on the planet earth. It does not differentiate between caste, creed, colour, age, gender or social  strata. Don’t believe that nothing will happen to you. So follow the precaution and all instructions.


Power Of Collective Praying.

The power of prayer is not dependent on the strata of the person, the amount of donation or the number of times one prays, but only on the passion, dedication and the confidence with which you do your prayers. The words could be different if the summary and the intent remains the same.


The belief that your prayers will be heard is the most potent part of praying. There is no problem if you use a different language, syntax, and grammar or make mistakes while praying. Remember, God is omnipotent and knows well in advance what you will b praying for.


The Secret.

On the secret and the laws of attraction, it is hardly complicated. You manifest your desires. You must precisely know what you want, and you must have the confidence that you will get it. It is then that you ask for it. Then the whole world around you will work in mysterious ways to ensure your desire is fulfilled. Remember SRK in Om Shanti Om, he summarises it as ‘Kehte Hain Ki…. Agar Kisi Cheez Ko Dil Se Chaaho toh Puri Kayanat Usey Tumse Milane Ki Koshish Mein Gag Jaati Hai’.


People who believe in secret swear by it. It works every time with every person. But, it must be stated in positive of desire want and need. It does not understand the negative of Not’s and No’s. So, we must believe and think positive. We must look at the count of people recovering and for few moments ignore the number of deaths. See good comedy shows and not keep your mind cluttered with all the negative gloomy thoughts about Coronavirus downloaded from the university of WhatsApp.


Focus With Positive Intent.

Currently we are deep into negative thoughts. There is fear and anxiety. Nothing seems to be right. More rumour and fake news than something we could reply on. We are criticising and commenting on people without questioning our own behaviour. If laws of attraction works, we are walking towards doomsday.


We need a positive mindset. And take every precaution that the government prescribes. Believe that the precautions are necessary and following them will keep you healthy and safe. And if you are following them, you are on a good wicket.


Think of the time when this will be over. Think of that as present time. Pray that every person on this planet earth is safe and keeps away from the horrors of this disease.  That will be your secret. You with others will make nature align itself to your demand and ensure it is delivered exactly the way you want it.


No Harm in Trying.

Maybe The Secret and the Laws of Attraction work. Maybe they do not work. Perhaps the power of collective praying helps to re-align the global resources. Maybe they don’t. But nothing is wrong in trying and checking it out. Last time I checked the laws and worked on the secret, it worked for me.



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