Ipsos offers tech-based alternatives for MR to offset lockdown challenges

15 Apr,2020

By A Correspondent


Ipsos India is turning to technology-based alternatives for seamless execution of client projects in the face of Covid-19 and lockdown restrictions, which have impacted fieldwork on projects.


Amit Adarkar

Said Amit Adarkar, CEO, Ipsos India : “India is different from all our other global markets. 95% of our market research work involves talking to people and observing people, in person. With the lockdown and restrictions, in the wake of COVID-19, we are now turning to a wide array of contactless options for talking to people and observing people riding on technology, ” adding : “We are providing online, mobile and telephonic methods as the supplement or replacement to in-person research. These methods either partially or completely eliminate personal contact; and are faster.”


“Whether online focus groups or interviews, mobile, video based consumer ethnography, mobile app based or online communities – the efficacy of these methodologies have been proven across at least 65 countries that Ipsos operates in. In fact, communities allow for longitudinal understanding of people’s attitudes and behaviors which is of interest for many of our clients in these turbulent times,” explained Adarkar.



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