Gipsi study decodes consumer preferences during Covid-19

23 Apr,2020

By A Correspondent


Gipsi, the HI+AI insights division of Tonic Worldwide, has published insights and implications which attempts to decode consumer behaviour amidst the Covid-19 lockdown. The data sources are multiple – from Gipsi’s panel across metros, digital conversations, interests and searches have been analysed with unique perspectives giving actionable insights.


According to the report:

1. India has leapfrogged into online life during the Covid-19 lockdown, right from online grocery shopping (32 per cent increase in interest compared to pre-lockdown), working online (313 per cent increase in interest), WhatsApping (40 per cent increase), banking (4 per cent increase in interest, paying bills to even praying online (73 per cent increase in searches)!

2. Consumers are not living in the present. Past and future escapes are how the consumers are dealing with the lockdown. There is 60 times higher viewership for DD during lockdown due to #oldshows which are indulging the consumers in nostalgia. And looking for motivational content for hopeful future

3. HQ (Hygiene quotient) is top of mind with 108,579 conversations around it and 643 per cent increase in ‘how to wash hands’ searches. Post covid all brands will have to pass HQ test

4. India is introduced to WFH and it is here to stay. WFH memes searches increased to 27 per cent.

5. There is cooking debut happening in each household. A new TG with respect to cooking is ready to be addressed post ‘covid lockdown’.

6. How will you differentiate video content post covid- with its ‘greeting gesture!’ Indians are taking pride in ‘Namaste’ going global

7. Learning is big on the agenda. 22per cent increase in searches for free online courses, 108 per cent increase in online training platforms. New skills and knowledge upgradation is here to stay as WFH becomes part of the work culture


Commenting on the report, Unmisha Bhatt, Chief Strategy Officer and Director – India & MENA region, Tonic Worldwide, said: “In such sensitive times every move of a marketer will go through scrutiny from consumers. Data science should be looked at as a big boon in times like these. Just tracking weekly numbers will be a mere waste of the data. Brands will have to go beyond using data just for performance metrics and seeing digital as just an extension medium. They will have to consciously invest in ‘actionable insights’ not just ‘data’.”


Added Anjali Malthankar, National Strategy Director at Tonic: “Brands in the time of Covid need to prepare for the ‘Post Covid lockdown World’ and not just worry about how to engage topically. Lockdown has forced Indian consumers to leapfrog and embrace digital, brands need to be ready for this. Digital is a very measured medium, any marketer’s dream come true. The most important step to taking your brand digital is to first, take your consumer understanding digital!”



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