Das ka Dum with Dr Bhaskar Das: Your advice to media professionals stressed about job and pay cuts?

14 Apr,2020

Bhaskar DasThere are rumours of job cuts in the media. We asked this to Dr Bhaskar Das ahead of those rumours trickling in. But the response by him is still valid. Presenting today’s edition of Das ka Dum ka. Read on…


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Q. There are many media professionals who are stressed about whether they will have jobs in the future. And some see salary cuts staring at them. Your word of advice to them?


A. This question gives me a soul ache. While job loss will be a collateral damage of Covid-19, it engenders in its trail, emotional trauma for the individual and family, apart from economic hardships. No advice is consoling enough. But what can’t be cured has to be endured. A few general guidelines may be suggested: taking charge of oneself and keep one’s dear ones with the possible reality. One can get forewarnings of such an eventuality if one is aware of the economic emergency. Secondly, conserve resources (read cash) and preserve cash to combat the bad weather. Thirdly, why waste a crisis when one can upskill oneself into an emerging field of expertise. Fourthly, keep oneself constantly busy by helping family members in their daily chores, focus on physical fitness (as WFH might lead to a sedentary existence). Just be grateful that what one has, many can dream about it only. So, an attitude of gratitude helps. And pray for the world. The warmth of sunshine benefits all.



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