Das ka Dum with Dr Bhaskar Das: It’s Labour Day tomorrow. Also Maharashtra & Gujarat Day. But it appears that workers will be crying out May Day across the world

30 Apr,2020

Bhaskar DasSo for a change we didn’t ask him a question. We just made a statement, and wanted him to react. But he didn’t as we thought he would. Without further ado, Dr Bhaskar Das this question in the April 30 edition of Das Ka Dum.. Read on…


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Q. May 1 is Maharashtra and Gujarat Day. It’s also Labour Day. It is celebrated in many countries as a traditional springtime festival or as an international day honouring workers. May Day, like SOS, was traditionally used radiot elephony transmissions asking for help. In the current Covid-led context, it appears that workers are making the May Day call across the world. And in India, specifically in Maharashtra.


A. I loved the narration of this statement which masquerades as a question. But I couldn’t understand what was the question. Be-that-as- it-may, labour day is a 365-day affair and whether we celebrate it or not, the possessed club must have realised the dignity and relevance of labour during Covid-19 more than ever as we are collectively running after essentials (need states) rather than aspirationals (want state). It demonstrates that blue collar job is making us survive.



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