Das ka Dum with Dr Bhaskar Das: Given the success of Ramayan and DD National being #1 channel last week, clearly mythology sells like nothing else in our country. Right?

15 Apr,2020

Bhaskar DasWe haven’t watched the re-run, but the country is doing that. Clearly mythology sells. We asked Dr Bhaskar Das this question in today’s edition of Das ka Dum ka. Read on…


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Q. Last week, Doordarshan National was the #1 channel on television on the back of the telecast of the epic serial Ramayan and other old serials. Clearly mythology sells like nothing else in our country. Your view.


A. Nostalgia can offer great cocoon therapy, albeit subliminally. I feel that’s the primary trigger and that’s a primal instinct to feel emotionally secure. The compulsion of captivity at home due to Covid-19 and the humongous reach of DD (with a dominant one TV set household) help reinforce my aforesaid postulation. That mythology works for consumer traction might be a deductive reasoning but in normal circumstances of life, will your observation hold? As I am not aware of any sample study, I can’t comment on that. But, sociologically and psychologically, I feel people cling to everything that is nostalgic, spiritual and mythological as it provides solace to human souls when one can’t grapple with the pace of change outside and its unevenness. The escapism they offer gives us strength to combat the outside world and surrender to the superior force for the bad person to lose to the good: the quintessential desire of human beings.


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