Das ka Dum with Dr Bhaskar Das: Advertisers are still wary of spending monies on digital as they do on linear television and print. How do you think can digital forge ahead?

16 Apr,2020

Bhaskar DasAdspends on digital have been growing rapidly but the numbers are still much smaller than television and even print. The new normal post the Covid-19 pandemic may see a sea change. We asked Dr Bhaskar Das a question on the future of digital adspsends in today’s edition of Das ka Dum ka. Read on…


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Q. While everyone seems to be embracing digital, and the sector is experiencing phenomenal growth, advertisers are still wary of spending the kind of monies they spend on linear television and print. How do you think can digital forge ahead?


A. The question is not which format of delivery forges ahead. The issue is what delivers the objective of a business. Investment in marcom would for some time in near-term be guided by pure efficiency and performance marketing. Every formats of delivery has to co-share the risk of various businesses. If marcom influences business outcome, no organisation would skew their preference of one medium over other. So focus should be given to areas where the delivery format can creatively be integrated/ dovetailed  with the objective function of an organisation. An outside-in thinking can create a cultural shift in an organisation. That’s a better route for preparing for the future rather than bemoaning what one has lost or losing to other formats. Market is an arbiter where protectionism cannot win the race.



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