Chill! Times are bad, but it’s not doomsday yet!

24 Apr,2020

Doomsday Clock

This is a typical image for the Doomsday Clock. In the Indian circumstance, as this article underscores, the clock isn’t ticking 🙂


By Amit Ray, Priya Jacob and Team Network Media


A. Breaking Morale in the name of Breaking News

A lot of words get devalued by abuse, ‘Breaking News’ is one of them. What is very painful is to see even the sectoral journalism, the advertising and media sector to be precise is no exception. It is commonsense that in a lockdown like situation while TV consumption will go up, given that economy has been badly affected, the advertising volume will not go up proportionately. In fact it may actually decline. And this is vanilla truth and not rocket science, but bad news nevertheless.


So what does the so-called media journalism do?
It publishes a banner headline which sounds like doomsday: Breaking News: Corona impacts advertising badly 38% increase in viewership but 27% drop. Most people who can do simple arithmetic will read this as a 65% negative swing and most likely get depressed


In the table below, Team Network Media has attempted to present the same data in a lesser depressing way, to tell you that please don’t treat every news headline as life vs. death battle. Rather search for the truth. And, honestly speaking, if this stimulates many to think and analyse the data in a less violent way, our job would be done

a. In 203 Channels which account for 38% of the current week’s viewership, the advertising volume has grown by 61% on an average over the past week

b. In 112 Channels which account for 25% of the current week’s viewership, the advertising volume has declined by 15% on an average over the past week

c. In 253 Channels which account for 36% of the current week’s viewership, has declined by 55% on an average over the past week


B. Some viewership highlights

1. Viewership of Dangal, the No 1 channel in Wk9 drops by 18% and but the ad volume drop is far more severe at 80%

2. Viewership of the sleeping giant DD grows by 7224% (yes 7224%) but the corresponding ad volume grows by 80% only. DD is now the new hero

3. A close look at the Hindi GECs reveal that the all the frontline GECs such as Zee, Colors etc have lost the viewership while the second line GECs like Colors Rishtey, Zee Anmol and Sony Pal which are airing reruns of old favourite programme have grown in leaps and bounds. The main channels seem to be losing viewership since the audience could be moving to news and movie channels since there is no new content except reruns

4. South Kids channels viewership has grown by 135%  except for Malayalam Kids channels which has hardly registered any growth in their viewership


C. While on viewership and ad volume the team quickly looked at some No 1 Channels in their own language and Genre (Hindi & English) if the growth/decline across parameters like Reach, Engagement (Time spent/week in minutes), Overall GRP/GVT and finally the advertising volume (in seconds) to understand the situation affecting each in the same way. We don’t wish to bias you by our comment but will encourage the reader to form his/her own view. Most of us are used to looking at the end result hence we decided to share the changes only on parameters which lead to GRP rather than the GRP itself.


Language Genre Reach Time Spent Ad Volume Channel
Hindi Movies 18 49 -56 Sony Max
Music 21 6 -62 Zing
News 90 57 -16 Aajtak
GEC 7 -23 -80 Dangal
English Movies 84 36 -38 Star Movies
News 84 66 31 Republic TV



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