Akshay Kumar is back to promote new message for RR Kabel

01 Apr,2020

By A Correspondent


RR Kabel has launched its integrated marketing campaign, #serialkiller. Taking the brands previous campaign further, Akshay Kumar who is RR Kabel’s brand ambassador, is back in his fireman avatar promoting awareness around the brands champion product – Firex LSOH.


The campaign highlights how mainstream media often tends to overlook fire accidents in the country, preferring to focus their time on terror attacks or natural disasters, despite the fact that on an average, fire accidents are the cause of significantly more loss of life than any other major catastrophe.


Shedding light on this, Shreegopal Kabra, Managing Director, RR Kabel said: “The loss of life from electrical fires is on a steady rise which is highly alarming. Our objective is to educate the masses that during an electrical fire, smoke does more damage than fire itself. People are ill informed of this and many such facts due to lack of awareness and poor media coverage on such issues. With this campaign, we have attempted to grab media’s attention, urged them to talk about this issue, spread awareness and encourage them to fight smartly against fire.”


Talking about the creative thought behind the campaign Kirti Kabra, Head of Communications & Director, RR Kabel added: “After months of research and countless hours studying consumer behavioral data, our brief to the agency was that the new campaign must highlight real issues and expose facts, which we believe will help break common myths surrounding fire accidents. It was also important for us to ensure there is a common link between our previous campaign and this year’s strategy. For far too long have brands sold products under false pretenses, contrary to that, RR Kabel’s communication strategy is based on facts and ethics effectively delivered by Mr Kumar.”



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