Sideways crafts Mangalam ad for camphor

12 Mar,2020

By A Correspondent


Mangalam Camphor

The Mangalam Camphor TVC

Ever seen a TVC for camphor? Unlikely. Well, here’s one for the Mangalam brand of camphor crafted by Abhijit Avasthi’s Sideways.

Notes a communique: “Traditionally it is believed that camphor provides multiple benefits. Not just fragrance or repelling of insects; the benefits of camphor are believed to be spiritual as well, such as purification of thoughts or energy in the house. Hence, it has a great significance in Indian culture and worshiping. But due to the commoditised nature of this category, there are a lot of local brands that sell adulterated camphor at a cheaper price. Consumers don’t even know they are buying adulterated camphor for the god. Mangalam camphor, in a tongue-in-cheek way, attempts to educate consumers about the widespread sale of adulterated camphor.”

The film has been made by Bang Bang Films.



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