Reinvent! M&E execs underscore need to survive tech disruption

12 Mar,2020


By A Correspondent


Faced with multiple evolving and disruptive forces, 52% of executives say they can no longer rely on traditional business models if they are to remain future relevant, according to EY’s report titled, ‘How are media and entertainment businesses reinventing in an age of transformation?’. The report by EY (consulting firm Ernst & Young now refers itself as EY) analyses the views of leading media and entertainment companies and their executives to reveal catalysts, strategies and actions that are reshaping business transformation in a dynamic industry.


The survey further highlights a sense of perplexity among M&E businesses, with 28% indicating the need to reinvigorate their business, without thorough knowledge of what aspects to prioritise. Due to a plethora of options available to invest in digital tools, one in five executives are unclear on how to prioritize their digital investments. The dilemma of whether to focus on content production for immediate gains as against building direct to customer and platform and data capabilities were cited as key points of contention.


Said Ashish Pherwani, Partner, Media & Entertainment Leader, EY India: “With fast-paced transformations in business models and revenue streams, media and entertainment companies that otherwise are optimistic about change, are facing a challenge to determine a starting point. While there is no single path to reinvention, businesses are prioritizing direct to customer relationships, platformmatic ad sales and community subscription models, to wade through the waves of technological disruption.”


The report states that one in two Indian executives felt the pressure to maximize short term results as a barrier to developing innovative business models which also reflected in the findings where just one in three Indian executives believe in upskilling of their existing workforce. 24% of Indian executives felt that their companies would cease to exist without innovation, demonstrating their confidence that traditional media will survive in the future.


The survey also reveals three ambitions that M&E companies across subsectors are prioritizing above all else:

:: Pursuing operational excellence and agility is the industry’s top transformation ambition

Executives believe that simplification is the hallmark of the new operating model. 67% of the executives prioritise consolidation of internal segments to streamline the business, while 50% of executives identify de-layering management and increasing spans of control for remaining executives to be prominent.


:: Rebooting innovation strategy and approach

With 48% of executives feeling the pressure to maximize short-term results as a barrier to innovation, balancing sustained success against long-term vision requires a structured approach. 34% of executives see incubators within the core of the business, as a driver of innovation.


:: Accelerating talent and skills development

33% of the M&E executives cite upskilling of the existing workforce as the key to talent development highlights the growing imperative to foster continuous learning. To remain relevant, workers need to migrate up the value chain, reinventing themselves and continually improving their capabilities.


For info: How are media and entertainment businesses reinventing in an age of transformation? is based on a survey of 350 global media and entertainment executives including 29 from India. It takes a representative view of companies by scale, geography and industry subsector. For each question and unless otherwise stated, executives were asked to select their top three responses from a predefined list of options. For example, a response of 50% means it was selected as one of the top three answers by half of respondents.

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