NEW SERIES! Lockdown Day 2: Stay@Home with Ajay Kakar: 5 Things to Ask Yourself

26 Mar,2020

Introducing an all-new series called ‘Stay@Home’ with some of the biggies in the advertising, media and marketing fraternity. Hope you enjoy it. We start with Ajay Kakar, Chief Marketing Officer, Aditya Birla Capital. In this article, the veteran marketing services executive writes on: 5 things to ask yourself.


5 Things to Ask Yourself


By Ajay Kakar

1. Do you have a family album?

Today, you carry all your pictures on your mobile. But what about the pictures taken in the era when photographs were clicked on a camera, films were developed and prints taken. And stashed somewhere. Your pictures are all over the place. Remember where all they are strewn. Find them. Collate them. Update them. Index them. Create your family album. Update your family album. Enjoy flipping through your memories.

2. Do you know your roots?

In today’s fast-pace world and nuclear families, speak to your elders, reach out to your relatives and enjoy creating a family tree that captures your roots. Add photographs to the names. Spend time with your immediate family and run them through your family tree. And familiarise them with their roots.


3. Have you discovered your kitchen?

Get to YouTube, discover new recipes for old favourites. And time tested
recipes for new dishes. And try your hand at cooking your favourite dishes. Apne haath se bana hua khaana khaane ka mazaa kuch aur hi he.


4. Have you updated your playlist with your old favourites?

We all enjoy the “latest hits”, which have a short shelf-life. What about the “oldy-goldies”? Songs you grew up to and have been your all-time favourites? Exchange notes with friends and classmates. Compile a list. Enrich your playlist.


5. Have you looked out of the window?

We have a fixed routine. A predictable routine. A daily routine. A weekly routine. And our time passes running from one commitment to another. In air conditioned homes, cars and offices. When did you last open a window? Look out of the window? Heard the sound of silence? The sound of birds?

Yeh mauka na milega dobara. Go for it!


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