Mother’s Recipe highlights stereotypical comments against women in new ad

19 Mar,2020

By A Correspondent


Mother’s Recipe has created an engaging vox-pop in collaboration with Social Panga, that questions the stereotypical comments targeted towards women. To commemorate Womens Day, the company came up with the #PerceptionBadlo campaign to address the stereotypical prejudices associated with women.


Speaking about the campaign, Sanjana Desai, Executive Director, Mother’s Recipe – Desai Foods Pvt Ltd said: “Mother’s Recipe as a brand has always encouraged women empowerment and with this campaign, we aim to bring a change in the mindset of the people who create stereotypical biases against women. We have observed that certain comments and remarks are rooted in centuries-long differences in class, sexism, and stereotyped gender roles at work, in society, and in private life. Hence, we created a campaign #PerceptionBadlo to spread awareness against the biases related to a specific gender. “


Adding to the success of the campaign, Himanshu Arora, founder of Social Panga, added: “The campaign was the result of the analysis we did regarding the current trends around women. We noticed a lot of chatter around stereotypical discrimination against women like only girls can wear pink, a woman should have a child by the age of 30, women belong in the kitchen, etc.  It was a conscious decision to associate with Mother’s Recipe for this campaign for driving a change. Through this campaign we aim to bring a momentum of changing the stereotypical thoughts that are associated with women.



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