Lockdown Day 7: Stay@Home with Sulajja Firodia Motwani: 5 Things to Ask Yourself

31 Mar,2020

We are on Day 7 of the national lockdown, and the response we’ve received to our ‘Stay@Home’ series has been overwhelming. On Day 7, we have Sulajja Firodia Motwani, Founder and CEO of Kinetic Green. In this article, the leading lady of Indian electric vehicles industry writes on: 5 Things to Ask Yourself.


By Sulajja Firodia Motwani


1. First, can you keep a positive mindset?

In this lockdown, all we have been asked to do is stay at home. I see so many negative Whatsapps about how it’s a painful thing to do and how bored people are at home… To all of them, I want to ask: “Can you please keep a positive mindset?”


There are health workers, police, and so many others who are risking their lives and working tirelessly to help all of us overcome this menace. In comparison to that, isn’t staying at home with your family much easier? So I say, we have to ask ourselves if we can start with a positive mindset and make the most of the situation. Certainly, this time can be used to enjoy many things we never get time to do! There are  certainly going to be some repercussions of this lockdown, but we all are in the same boat and if you are healthy at this time, that’s more important than anything else. So I think its most important to stay positive and then, I am sure this “extra” time we are getting due to homestay can, in fact, be enjoyable and memorable!


2. isn’t time with your loved ones a boon?

In today’s world of stress and of nuclear families, time with your loved ones is a precious commodity. Especially for me, as a working mother, this time with my son, Sidhant, is a special treat. I mean how often is your teenage son stays at home all day, too? Sidhant is studying in the US and I consider that I am lucky that he could come home well in time, and that he is safe and in good health. I am making the most of this lockdown by spending time with him and its most precious! Most people’s regret in life is not spending enough time with their children or their loved ones: Well, here is a chance to do exactly that!


3. “Staycations” can be better than vacations, sometimes?


For working professionals and businessmen/women like me, work involves long hours at the office or a lot of travel. Sometimes going away on a vacation: catching another flight, staying in hotels, eating outside food, is so tiring that I feel like I need a vacation from the vacation! So I am trying to make the most of this staycation… staying put in one place, waking up late, working at my pace, listening to music I like, watching movies, reading books, trying my hand at cooking Sidhant’s favorite dishes, attempting to keep fit with Yoga and Nike Training APP at home and using the time to do some thinking, too! This staycation is quite relaxing, in fact!


4. Can you try to lend a helping hand? It’s much more gratifying.

There are many who are less fortunate than us, who need help and are struggling to make ends meet in this difficult time. Can you try to help whoever you can in your own way? As Chairperson of FICCI Maharashtra, I am doing my best to reach out to the policymakers at the State and Centre and conveying feedback from various people about their difficulties and issues. We are trying to help with movement of essential goods, policies to help workers who lost their wages, to help MSMEs who are unable to meet their obligations, and many such issues. There are many ways you can help, too. May be provide essentials to the elderly in your society or send them home made meals, provide money and ration to needy around you etc. etc. I am sure all of us can make a difference and help those who could use a helping hand.


5. Have you used this time to introspect?

We all lead busy lives and our lives are getting busier and more stressful by the day. We are just running from one task or commitment to another. Can we use this time to just take a pause, just slow down a bit and think? Listen to the sound of the birds from your balcony, sip a cup of tea, enjoy some solitude and introspection? It can be meditative, I think. Of course, if you like to meditate, there is no better opportunity than this!


So just use this time to slow down a bit, the days seem longer and time is passing more slowly. Use that precious time to connect with yourself, your loved ones, with nature and with your hobbies!


Sulajja Firodia Motwani is Founder and CEO of Kinetic Green Energy and Power Solutions Limited, a pioneer in electric vehicles in India. She is also Vice Chairperson, Kinetic Engineering. She is associated with several industry associations and is currently Chairperson for FICCI – Maharashtra.


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