Isobar-Ipsos unveils #MeetTheZ Survey

27 Mar,2020

By A Correspondent


Centennials or Generation Z have carved a niche for themselves and are inspiring the preceding generations in the process, as they strut forward juggling all areas with dexterity, according to the Isobar-Ipsos #MeetTheZ Survey.


Said Vivek Gupta, Managing Director, Innovation, Ipsos India: “The new breed of youngsters (Generation Z) – born between 1995-2015 – is pragmatic in every possible way, true role models for older generations – they know what they want and know how to get it. Tech savvy, clear headed, confident, outgoing, valuing close bond with family, this generation embodies traits, which every parent has dreamt, for their kids to possess.”


Added Gopa Kumar, Chief Operating Officer, Isobar India: “Interestingly, Generation Z does not portray the conventional stereotype – if they are digital natives, they also yearn for and prioritize offline connections. They are constantly on the lookout for authenticity and purpose when they are engaging with brands. In fact, they have an informed view of the transformative impact of technology at work and play.”


The study highlights how Generation Z is realistically ambitious, and shows that at least 73 per cent of those polled are keen to pursue unconventional career paths while 80 per cent of them are willing to put their heart and soul into achieving their career goals.


When digitally connected, this tech savvy generation, sometimes loosely called E-Generation, perceives technology as the means to information and empowerment. At least 55 per cent say their life runs on technology – 66 per cent believe tech helps them gain experience and acquire new skills. Interestingly, across various activities, this generation spends an average of at least 8 hours per day, online.


This generation understands the dichotomy of social media – 64 per cent believe it aids in reconnecting with long lost friends; 43 per cent find it limiting in its scope for personal relationships.


The study also highlights the paradox about Generation Z – on one hand they are home bodies, consciously spending time with parents, with at least 51 per cent of them consuming all meals with parents, at home, at the same time they are highly gregarious, like to hang out actively with friends (29 per cent) at least once a week, 50 per cent stay over with friends at least once a month. Parents are the anchor in their lives and at least 78 per cent of Gen Z polled claims their parents give them independence and personal space.


Generation Z realizes that some relationships may not be for the long haul, 70 per cent reject a limiting relationship, while 66 per cent are accepting of relationships not moving to permanence. They are easy going when it comes to forging personal ties and don’t drain themselves emotionally. We found they are in different modes – 14 per cent of those in a relationship want it to culminate in marriage, 22 per cent of those in a relationship are not in the marriage mode just yet, 22 per cent singles are actively seeking out partners and 41 per cent are happily single and are in no rush to get into a relationship, just yet.



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