Fulcro launches new campaign #KotakPrimeWithHer

11 Mar,2020

By A Correspondent


Fulcro has launched a new campaign for Kotak Prime on the sidelines of Women’s Day. The campaign titled ‘#KotakPrimeWithDrive’ helps Kotak put its two-wheeler low interest loan on the map.


Talking about this campaign, Sabyasachi Mitter, Founder, Fulcro, said: “When the audience you want to talk to is glued to their smartphones, how do you grab their attention and effectively convey a story? That is how, we as an agency came up with a new approach called ‘Thumbstoppers’ which takes storytelling to a different level. Thumbstoppers uses 90% of landscape of your smartphone in a vertical format. The whole idea was to come up with an innovation which would be catchy, appeal to the masses, and tell a story in the most simplest way in just 10 seconds.”



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