Das ka Dum with Dr Bhaskar Das: If you were asked by a top media group to suggest a revenue head, would you recommend an adsales honcho or someone from another field?

02 Mar,2020

Bhaskar Das

Bhaskar Das

An all-new week of Q&As, and most of them this week are around talent and human resources. Here’s the first edition of March 2020 of Das ka Dum with Dr Bhaskar Das. Read on…

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Q  If a leading media group asked you for a name for a revenue head, what kind of a person would you recommend: a career adsales honcho or someone from another field, like from an ad agency who could also work wonders?


A. Any speculative question is difficult to answer as I can’t fully empathise with the cascading of choices made  by any legacy media (an assumption as you mentioned a leading  company) organisation is a palimpsest — approaches made and unmade many times, justifiably and in sync with the then prevailing realities.  Every new leader has to inject his/her acquired wisdom (experience ought to be a norm) to move the corporation to an orbit-shifting trajectory of business growth. I presume no decision is taken on archetypes of sector, company, personality etc. I am sure the dominant logic of selection would always be capabilities, empathy, leadership ability ( ability to inspire a team, problem solving ability and lead by example),  fluid business intelligence in consonance  with a constantly turbulent ecosystem, that is the hallmark of the new gig economy. Since acting mediocre is no longer an option in the 2020s, one has to act odd to stay ahead in the game. To be successful, ultimately any leader – wherever s/he is located – needs to be at Level 5 as per Jim Collins’ taxonomy of leadership style.

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