Das ka Dum with Dr Bhaskar Das: Any specific areas that you recommend on upskilling oneself?

26 Mar,2020

Bhaskar DasUpskill yourself… do an online course. That’s what the world has been saying, and what even our Wizard of Words recommended last Friday. So we asked Dr Bhaskar Das this question as part of our Das Ka Dum series. Read on…


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Q. A question that a reader has asked post your response last Friday: Any specific areas that you would recommend  one should look at upskilling oneself


A. The area of upskilling is determined by market requirements and the knack of an individual. The way the world is moving forward, I feel the skill requirements will be a tad fuzzy, ie, a mix of STEM ( Science, technology, engineering and Mathematics) and humanities. In other words, both hard and soft skills, depending on the level and the job.  Whichever area one upskills, the effort must be towards making oneself remarkable. Multiple upskilling is also necessary today for pivoting in case of any company or sector led  obsolescence or rightsizing.



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